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27-11-2015: Press release following the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Roto Smeets Group N.V. (RSG NV), held on 27 November 2015
05-11-2015: Business update 3rd quarter 2015
23-09-2015: Press release following the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Roto Smeets Group N.V. (RSG NV), held on 23 September 2015
21-08-2015: Half-Year Report 2015
10-07-2015: International Media Solutions Acquires Roto Smeets Group B.V.
13-05-2015: Press release subsequent to the Annual General Meeting of Roto Smeets Group N.V. (RSG NV) held on 13 May 2015
12-05-2015: BUSINESS UPDATE Q1 2015
08-05-2015: PRESS RELEASE
30-04-2015: Board of Roto Smeets Group states its position on Bid for Roto Smeets Group BV
31-03-2015: PRESS RELEASE
31-03-2015: 2014 full-year figures
16-03-2015: PRESS RELEASE
11-02-2015: Roto Smeets GrafiServices activities to be continued jointly by Schuttersmagazijn Groep and MediaCenter Rotterdam
09-12-2014: Roto Smeets Group (RSG) announces restructuring plan for Roto Smeets Weert
06-11-2014: Business update 3rd quarter 2014
21-08-2014: Half-year report 2014
14-05-2014: Press release subsequent to the General Shareholders' Meeting of Roto Smeets Group NV held on 14 May 2014
14-05-2014: Business update 1st quarter 2014
18-03-2014: 2013 full-year figures: Roto Smeets Group shows improvement in results
25-02-2014: Roto Smeets Group announces proposed management changes within its divisions
07-01-2014: MediaPartners Group appoints new Managing Director
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Roto Smeets Group BV is one of the leading graphics media companies in Western Europe. Roto Smeets Group comprises three divisions specialising in multimedia communication. Each division specialises in part of the communication chain (from creation to distribution), allowing seamless integration of the overall service offering. For further information we refer to the section ‘Brands and Services’ on this site.


On 10 July 2015 International Media Solutions B.V. – a company founded by a group of six major shareholders in Roto Smeets Group N.V. (RSG NV) for this purpose – has acquired the shares of Roto Smeets Group B.V. (RSG BV) from RSG NV in accordance with the Bid as published on 31 March and 8 May 2015. The shareholders in RSG NV approved the Bid and hence the sale of RSG BV during the General Shareholders’ Meeting on 13 May 2015. All conditions on which the Bid depended have since been met.


This means that from 10 July 2015 the listed company RSG NV no longer owns any activities. As previously announced, Mr G. Schaaij has signed an agreement to continue RSG NV under a different name after the proceeds of the sale of RSG BV have been paid out to the current shareholders.


The activities mentioned on this site relate only to RSG BV and no longer to RSG NV. Before things can be finalised, a number of formalities must be completed. This process will take a few more months due to the relevant minimum time periods required by law.


On 23 September, an Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders (EGM) was held regarding the amendment of the articles of association. This amendment includes amongs other items a change of the name of RSG NV in a way indicated by Mr. Schaaij. Also included in the amendments is capital reduction of RSG NV.

The name change of Roto Smeets Group N.V. into Verenigde Nederlandse Compagnie N.V. is expected to take place on 2 December 2015.  Under de condition precedent that no objection is received before 1 December 2015, the capital repayment is expected to take place on 11 December 2015. Following the completion of the capital repayment, the delivery of shares of the Major Shareholders in RSG NV to Schaaij Management and Services BV is expected to take place.


Timetable name change and capital repayment:

1 December 2015       Record Date

2 December 2015       Name change effected on Euronext


Timetable Capital Repayment

7 December 2015        Ex Date

10 December 2015      Record Date

11 December 2015       Payment Date


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