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13-05-2015: Press release subsequent to the Annual General Meeting of Roto Smeets Group N.V. (RSG NV) held on 13 May 2015
12-05-2015: BUSINESS UPDATE Q1 2015
08-05-2015: PRESS RELEASE
30-04-2015: Board of Roto Smeets Group states its position on Bid for Roto Smeets Group BV
31-03-2015: PRESS RELEASE
31-03-2015: 2014 full-year figures
16-03-2015: PRESS RELEASE
11-02-2015: Roto Smeets GrafiServices activities to be continued jointly by Schuttersmagazijn Groep and MediaCenter Rotterdam
09-12-2014: Roto Smeets Group (RSG) announces restructuring plan for Roto Smeets Weert
06-11-2014: Business update 3rd quarter 2014
21-08-2014: Half-year report 2014
14-05-2014: Press release subsequent to the General Shareholders' Meeting of Roto Smeets Group NV held on 14 May 2014
14-05-2014: Business update 1st quarter 2014
18-03-2014: 2013 full-year figures: Roto Smeets Group shows improvement in results
25-02-2014: Roto Smeets Group announces proposed management changes within its divisions
07-01-2014: MediaPartners Group appoints new Managing Director
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Roto Smeets Group NV is listed in Euronext, Amsterdam, and is one of the leading graphics media companies in Western Europe.

The group acts as a holding company for the various operating companies that make up the group both within the Netherlands and abroad.

The services offered by Roto Smeets Group are distributed among a number of brands, each of which specialises in one part of the communications chain, linking seamlessly from start to finish into a unified whole. Our clients’ communications wishes can be designed and translated into the most suitable medium for their proposed target group. More information can be found on section 'Brand and Services'.

Information on our sustainability policy be seen in the section ‘Sustainability’.

Information on annual reports, share developments etcetera can be found in the section ‘Investor Relations’.

Information on the Management and Supervisory Board and our Corporate Governance policy can be found in the section ‘Corporate Governance’.

Mission Statement

Roto Smeets Group seeks to maintain its dominant position in the communications industry, giving its clients efficient, high quality services from well-equipped, highly expert production centres. The Group’s printing plants have many years of experience with transforming content into printed products. Specialist subsidiaries also expand content, transforming it into effective, cross-media forms. Content can be stored centrally in medium-neutral forms, such as video, audio, text and image, and solutions are available that structure the entire editorial process for the production of magazines, digital newsletters, websites, digital magazines and apps.

The Group’s dedicated communications specialists will continue to support clients in such areas as strategy, art and copy, editorial content, account- and project management, and CRM applications. The Group can thus serve its customers with customer magazines, web design, DM, retail communication, advertising and loyalty programmes targeted at both internal and external audiences.

Roto Smeets Group will continue to operate in a culture that focuses on the customer with transparency and reliability, and employees whose chief characteristic is an urge to achieve perfection, who do their work with respect and confidence in each other. They do their work in a financially strong organisation, where attention to safety, health, personal development and welfare form an integral part of company policy.

Roto Smeets Group gives expression its responsibility to its employees, clients and society at large in its sound environmental policies and its societal engagement.


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