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Commercial Print Division


The rotogravure companies in the Commercial Print division – Roto Smeets Deventer and Roto Smeets Etten –focus on customers operating in the retail segments (magazines, brochures, flyers, etc.) and catalogues. Antok Nyomdaipari, the web printing unit in Hungary, supplies mainly to retail customers in Hungary and surrounding countries. The Commercial Print division specializes in large, high-quality print runs. The production plant provides high simultaneous capacity andcan produce at relatively low cost per item. The workflow for the preparation of the printing process is fully digitized. In addition to the printing process, the division provides a wide range of finishing services as well as extensive distribution facilities.


Brands operating within this division are:


Roto Smeets

In the Netherlands, Roto Smeets is the market leader by far, with approximately a 5% market share in North-western Europe, putting them in the top five. The Roto Smeets plants are used to large (repeating) print runs, very tight schedules and short manufacturing times. The printing

plants can offer the best possible service to their customers thanks to their large scale, large capacity with simultaneous availability, modern equipment and flexible organization.

The rotogravure process can print all possible products, with a wide range of pages, print runs and formats, all produced in the most efficient, effective way.

Rotogravure can cope with thicker signatures than offset. Advanced engraving techniques and other revolutionary technology have resulted in greatly reduced manufacturing times.

The great versatility of the presses allows the customer to choose from a wide range of options for signature composition and finishing. The greatest possible flexibility is offered at minimum cost while the press also has positions for the insertion of added-value propositions for USP marketing communication.

Roto Smeets specializes in part-products (covers/inserts/partial signatures) for offset and rotogravure, and luxury offset productions with in-line eco-varnish and/or a fifth color. In promotional print they offer exciting options in glued or stitched products, in all formats, including magazine, tabloid and broadsheet.



Hunneperkade 4

NL-7418 BT Deventer

+31 570 69 48 50


Antok Nyomdaipari

Antok Nyomdaipari is Roto Smeets Group’s only production plant outside the Netherlands. It is a web offset printing plant with good facilities for in-line finished, retail and advertising print. The plant specializes in printing on newsprint and SC paper for the commercial print market. The equipment is also suitable for relatively small (stitched) catalogues.

The presses print in both landscape and portrait formats, so Antok can supply print in a variety of sizes and page formats, varying in both width and length. Antok works for a number of customers in Hungary and Austria and is renowned for its reliability, quality and delivery times, which

are equal to other West-European standards.


Antók Nyomdaipari Kft.
Építok u. 1 H-9500 Celldömölk
+ 36 95 525 060

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