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Roto Smeets Group is active in the information and Communications industry. The services offered by Roto Smeets Group are distributed among a number of brands, each of which specialises in one part of the communications chain, linking seamlessly from start to finish into a unified whole. Our clients’ communications wishes can be designed and translated into the most suitable medium for their proposed target group. This does not necessarily mean print alone.

The printed medium certainly has a right to exist alongside other communications media, such as the Internet and the e-reader. An immense amount of digital information is available and it is precisely the “push” from the off-line media that gets the target group to look at the on-line message. The printing house of the future will be a specialist in the design and printing of high quality printed products, but will also have to offer services in other, multimedia areas. Roto Smeets Group has been able to develop this expertise successfully within the operating companies, which has given it a strong position for future growth.

Expertise of Roto Smeets Group businesses
Roto Smeets Group has available every conceivable discipline in the communications and information field


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