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Roto Smeets Group is active in the information and Communications industry. The services offered by Roto Smeets Group are distributed among a number of brands, each of which specialises in one part of the communications chain, linking seamlessly from start to finish into a unified whole. Our clients’ communications wishes can be designed and translated into the most suitable medium for their proposed target group. This does not necessarily mean print alone.

Expertise of Roto Smeets Group businesses

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Roto Smeets Group has available every conceivable discipline in the communications and information field:


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One of the focal points of Roto Smeets Group is offering more added value to clients through the development of new services and / or by offering support in the non-primary publishing process. In order to develop these services optimally per segment the companies, within the brands Roto Smeets and Senefelder, are re-arranged into divisions.

The division that focuses on the segment Publishing is the Publishing Services division and includes the offset companies Roto Smeets Weert, Senefelder Misset and the business units of Senefelder Misset: PSH Media Sales, X-media Solutions, Hoogte 80 and NextGen Publishers. Roto Smeets Deventer, Roto Smeets Etten, Antok and the international sales organisation represent the division focused on the 'retail' segment, the Commercial Print Division. Each brand remains active under the current name.

Organisation Roto Smeets Group

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