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Roto Smeets Group statement on Corporate

Social Responsibility (CSR)

Roto Smeets Group and its subsidiaries (RSG) declare that all business

decisions are devoted to securing both greater business profits as well as

to using every available opportunity to improve the environment and the

welfare of its employees and society at large.

In its implementation of this policy, RSG seeks to achieve an optimum

balance between people, planet and profit. The choices RSG makes are

communicated with full justification and in complete transparency.

RSG has utilised the OECD guidelines for multinational businesses

and the ISO 26000 standard to integrate the Group’s corporate

social responsibility systematically within the organisation. This

finds expression in the following ten pledges:


I. Good management

The RSG management respects the best-practice principles set

down in the Netherlands Corporate Governance Code and where

applicable they have been implemented within RSG for some

time. RSG complies with all legislation and regulations. A code of

behaviour governs internal ethical behaviour, while regular screening

is used to advance such behaviour externally. RSG accepts

accountability for all its actions and explains them to stakeholders,

always seeking to increase transparency.


II. Employment conditions

RSG encourages the vitality, flexible deployment and personal

development of its employees by means of dedicated projects. We

seek to increase employees’ opportunities to further develop their

talents, even outside their own industry, by offering a wide range

of education and training programmes.

The Group selects its employees with an eye to diversity in gender,

ethnicity, culture and age. We try to create opportunities for

groups that experience difficulty in finding employment.

RSG aspires to optimise safety in the production processes with the

most effective layout of working areas.

RSG appreciates the importance of satisfactory consultation on

employment conditions. To that end, employee representatives are

allocated the facilities they need for the proper performance of

their tasks. The Group strives to present an open and transparent

picture of corporate affairs.


III. Human rights

RSG shall only engage in such activities as do not violate current

human rights’ standards as set down in the Universal Declaration

of Human Rights, in accordance with international obligations and

valid rules of law in different countries. The Group rejects every

form of intimidation or discrimination on grounds of race, age,

gender, skin colour, sexual preference, religious convictions and/or

land of origin.

RSG places no restrictions on employees who wish to combine or

to join a trade union and does not do business with suppliers who

have products made by forced and/or child labour.


IV. Chain responsibility

RSG is convinced that a product may only be called sustainable if

all stages in its lifecycle are sustainable. This requires collaboration

with the supplier at one end of the chain, and the customer at

the other. When purchasing products and services, RSG pays close

attention to social, environmental and safety aspects and makes

agreements with suppliers that incorporate such aspects.


V. Honest business practices

The basis for all business transactions is integrity. All those who

have to do with RSG, both internally and outside the Group, can

count on respectful, honest and just treatment. In conformity

with the guidelines mentioned above, RSG utterly rejects all

forms of corruption. All RSG employees are aware of this company

policy and receive instructions on how to conduct their business

honestly, in the form of the RSG Code of Conduct. RSG respects

the fiscal regulations in those countries where it does business, and

subscribes to OECD regulations in this matter. RSG shall provide the

legitimate authorities with all the information needed to correctly

determine and levy taxes appropriate to the Group’s activities.


VI. Consumer affairs

RSG has no direct contacts with consumers but does deal with

personal information in the context of addressing and CRM projects

for clients. RSG guarantees that all personal data supplied to the

Group are treated with the utmost confidentiality. The RSG privacy

regulations are set up so that data cannot fall into the hands of

third parties.

The safety and health of all stakeholders, including the end-users

of our products, is our greatest priority. RSG thus also strives to

use safe, healthy raw materials in its products by using the most

modern technologies and continuous monitoring of our business



VII. Environment, raw materials, energy and emissions

RSG aims to have the smallest possible footprint by reducing as far

as possible all environmental burdens, including energy consumption

and CO2 emissions.

RSG aspires to a better environment, both now and in the future.

RSG does all it can to prevent harm in any form. The strictest European

environmental, health and safety standards are maintained.


VIII. Society

RSG contributes to the welfare of those areas, both local and

regional, in which it operates.

For example, the Group invests in the local business community

and the people who live and work there.

When purchasing products and services, RSG pays close attention

to the social and environmental aspects associated with their

production, transport and use. Agreements on these aspects are

made with suppliers and customers.


IX. Transparency

RSG periodically formulates new SCR objectives, reports progress

honestly and clearly, and is prepared to discuss them with

interested parties.

RSG is known for its openness. The Group maintains an active

policy on the supply of all necessary information to stakeholders.


X. Science and technology

RSG is continually searching for new opportunities to improve

sustainability and offer green services. RSG is open to collaboration

and partnerships and is prepared to actively share its knowledge

and experience. RSG’s scientific and technological activities are

pursued with an eye to the needs of the local market. This means

that employees are mainly recruited locally. Training is provided.

On behalf of all Roto Smeets Group

J.A. de Haas


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