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Roto Smeets Group

Roto Smeets Group NV is a graphics business company and forms part of the information and communication industry. Roto Smeets Group is quoted in the NextPrime list of Euronext, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.  It is

Roto Smeets Group’s ambition, using its companies, to create and produce high quality added value within the total process by which our clients communicate with their target groups.

Roto Smeets Group is one of the top five independent graphics businesses in Europe that use paper as the most important information carrier and thus produce and supply printed matter. Roto Smeets Group’s business model is one of core activities that supplement and reinforce each other.

These activities are grouped into two business lines: Print Productions and Marketing Communications.

PRINT PRODUCTIONS The efficient production of rotogravure, web offset and sheet-fed print using specialised, full-service companies as consultant, producer or director, managing the total value chain from prepress to distribution.

MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS is aimed at producing rich media content and resources based on a thorough communication strategy.

Mission Statement

Roto Smeets Group seeks to maintain its dominant position in the communications industry, giving its clients efficient, high quality services from well-equipped, highly expert production centres. The Group’s printing plants have many years of experience with transforming content into printed products. Specialist subsidiaries also expand content, transforming it into effective, cross-media forms. Content can be stored centrally in medium-neutral forms, such as video, audio, text and image, and solutions are available that structure the entire editorial process for the production of magazines, digital newsletters, websites, digital magazines and apps.

The Group’s dedicated communications specialists will continue to support clients in such areas as strategy, art and copy, editorial content, account- and project management, and CRM applications. The Group can thus serve its customers with customer magazines, web design, DM, retail communication, advertising and loyalty programmes targeted at both internal and external audiences.

Roto Smeets Group will continue to operate in a culture that focuses on the customer with transparency and reliability, and employees whose chief characteristic is an urge to achieve perfection, who do their work with respect and confidence in each other. They do their work in a financially strong organisation, where attention to safety, health, personal development and welfare form an integral part of company policy. Roto Smeets Group gives expression its responsibility to its employees, clients and society at large in its sound environmental policies and its societal engagement.


Roto Smeets Group NV
Hunneperkade 4
NL-7418 BT Deventer

P.O. Box 822
NL-7400 AV Deventer
Telephone 0570-69 49 00
Fax 0570-69 41 00

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