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Corporate Governance

Roto Smeets Group NV is a graphics business company and forms part of the information and communication industry. Roto Smeets Group is quoted on Euronext, Amsterdam.  It is Roto Smeets Group’s ambition, using its companies, to create and produce high quality added value within the total process by which our clients communicate with their target groups.

Roto Smeets Group acts as a holding company for the various operating companies that make up the group both within the Netherlands and abroad. Roto Smeets Group’s business model is one of core activities that supplement and reinforce each other (see also 'Brands and Services').

RSG is a corporation with full statutory two tier board status.

Supervisory Board

Regulations relating to the Supervisory Board and a profile sketch of the Board are available on the corporate website. In principle, members of the Supervisory Board may sit on the Board for no more than three terms of four years.

The Supervisory Board consists of the following members:
Drs. R. Blom, Chairman
Drs. J.H.M. Rijper, Vice Chairman
H.C.A. Groenen

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Management Board

In view of the group’s size, the Management Board’s tasks are performed by one person charged with managing the corporation in the role of CEO. Since there is only one executive director, RSG cannot comply with the Management and Supervision Act with regard to a balanced allocation between men and women.
Regulations relating to the Management Board are available on the corporate website. The CEO is appointed for a maximum period of four years; although the person concerned may repeatedly be reappointed for further four-year periods. Mr J.A. de Haas MBA was appointed CEO on 30 January 2012.

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